SLO handmade gifts
SLO handmade gifts


Godmorgen🤗 Vi har nu også sæber og hudpleje fra @aeroesoap_saeberiet 🌸 Sæbe af naturlige ingredienser 🌱 Økologisk og vegansk👍 God gaveidé og god til dig😊 Kig ind Jernbanegade 16, Langeskov🤗
Bakken i egetræ er fra danske theOakman
The outside of the chapel has had a makeover and we needed to complete the look with new signs.

A big thank you to Mark theOakman who has made this gorgeous new sign. Our logo has been etched into this beautiful reclaimed oak which follows our values of restoring old furniture and making our industrial furniture from reclaimed materials.
We received this lovely sample Engage Web coaster in the post from theOakman. It's made from recycled oak and we think it looks fantastic!

Mark at the Oakman makes these coasters, along with plaques, for companies to use and gift. Thank you for the lovely surprise!
Do you remember as a child when your parents used to ask you, from 26th December onwards, 'Have you written your thank you letters yet?'

This question would crop up daily until by mid February, you were ground down by it and scribbled them all out in one sitting.

I find myself in a similar situation today, but it's never too late and I want to give a big thank you and a shout out to Mark Greenhalgh who sent me this oak sign / plaque with a note in December.

It was brilliant to hear from Mark who had attended one of my social media workshops a couple of years ago. Mark's company, theOakman recycles oak furniture that would otherwise end up in the local tip,

The quality of this personalised gift is fabulous and the applications for these and other items in his upcycle range are wide - company gifts, wedding / anniversary presents etc etc

So thank you Mark - better late than never!
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Massive thank you to Mark at The Oakman Cheshire for sending me this unexpected free coaster with my logo on.

A FREE thank you video is on its way to you!

Absolutely amazing quality theOakman was very helpful and worked with me to create the perfect gift. The children's dad was thrilled with his signs. Highly recommend.
Just received this lovely coaster gift from theOakman! Much appreciated and definitely brought a smile to my face! Thank you Mark Greenhalgh
Absolutely thrilled with this lovely gift that arrived at the clinic from Mark Greenhalgh theOakman. I love it. Thank you so much Mark. I love that it has been made from upcycled oak tables.
Oh wow! 🌳🌳🌳

This really cheered me up 😍

Lockdown was finally catching up with me this week and dragging me down.

Then this arrived in the post! What a lovely surprise, it really made me smile.

It’s my logo carved into oak which has been reused from gateleg tables. Thank you so much theOakman

Perfectly fitting for my brand and Environmental background 💕

I love it!

What has cheered you up this week?

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Thanks to the theOakman for our fabulous sign. Lovely to receive, it's fabulous quality, it even shows the colour differences, so clever! Highly recommended 👍
Received this amazing bespoke plaque of my logo courtesy of theOakman this morning. I have to say I'm really impressed! The detail and clever workmanship gone into it is brilliant. Thanks so much Mark - it is definitely going on my office door! 😃👍

We make a range of items out of re/upcycled oak. Available currently either in or around Cheshire.

Operating as usual

Photos from theOakman's post 21/02/2022

Personalised Travel Mugs/Water Bottles - not as popular in the UK as they are in the US but they're becoming moreso - they make an ideal present


I have Office 365 Business Standard and use it for my small business – just over a week ago Outlook wouldn’t open and Windows updates wouldn’t run. I’ve no IT Department but I get support from Microsoft with this subscription so I asked for help.
After several long phone calls with the Office 365 team using Quick Assist amounting to over 8 hours trying to find a way to get Outlook back it was concluded that I had a corrupted Windows profile. The only way back from that is to set up a new one and transfer everything over.
It takes quite some time out of your working week or my 2-3 days as I’m semi-retired it’s also quite a lesson in understanding just what you have built up over time and where things are – for example I have a lot of downloaded fonts they are default kept in a Windows font file – other support folders are needed to run some other programs I use.
I believe I’m quite IT literate for my age group – I hope this doesn’t happen to you – I’m still not fully restored to where I was.

Photos from theOakman's post 18/01/2022

The beer tote started me off on the journey that led to computer driven design in the workshop - I have tried to demonstrate its capabilities to local businesses with some somewhat special items relating to beer: Ludlow Brewery, Titanic Brewery, Ebenezers, Best of British Beer, Chapter Brewing, Order.Beer, Tom's Tap and Brewhouse Ltd, The Brew Foundation, Weetwood - Cheshire Beers and Spirits, Wincle Beer Company Ltd and Montysbrewery.


My friend Pete Shields at Cheshire Fire Service who has been making retirement plaques for his colleagues at Cheshire, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Cumbria, Derbyshire, North Wales for over 25 years uses a lot of axes as part of the plaques. I had just dropped off some things I'd carved and lasered at his house and I had a thought - why couldn't we make an axe? - I reckoned I could make the handle on my cnc machine and we should be able to find someone who could cast the axe head - we have got our first 3 axe heads and are happy with them and I have managed to get to the point where Pete has OK'd the handles - he has ordered 30 more axe heads - better get making the handles - photo of axe head and prototype handles which are still unfinished. I will post a photo of our first completed axe board with our own axe when completed.


Environmentally aware - we have 16 solar panels (PV) and just caught the lowest level of Feed in Tariff (FIT). We use them to power the garden workshop for theOakman and we have been looking at improving our loft insulation and asking what else can we do and have just invested in a Kingspan unvented direct hot water cylinder to look to use the excess electricity to heat our water and save on our gas bill for our combi boiler. I didn't know that they are so efficient that if we heat it up on a Monday it will still be hot by Thursday. We both like a bath and I thought my wife having a bath every morning would mean we couldn't do this but I'm told the UK are slow on the uptake of this way of using excess energy to heat our water.


A couple more of our popular height charts in production - need the slider that runs down the centre channel and some oil. With both imperial and metric measurements and space for personalisation at the top which will be added in due course. These are Christmas presents but an ideal Christening or new baby present or a young family Christmas - grandparents often tend to buy them #


An interesting new take on the beer carrier where it is in kit form and can be made up to carry 6 bottles. It is made from 6mm double sided oak faced mdf and can be personalised on both the side(s) and the ends
Ludlow Brewery Titanic Brewery Joules Brewery Limited Ebenezers Hawkshead Brewery Best of British Beer Montysbrewery Cartmel Brewery Chapter Brewing Order.Beer Black Sheep Brewery Tom's Tap and Brewhouse Ltd The Brew Foundation Weetwood - Cheshire Beers and Spirits

Photos from theOakman's post 19/10/2021

We have been working on the development of this kit form beer tote for some time and are now happy with its design. It is made from double sided 6mm oak faced mdf, it has box joint corners, locking tabbed ends as well as a slot from middle to base and overlapping hooks on the middle piece all ultimately held together by the 4 twisters. They can be personalised in several places and can have an open side to better display their contents. They are aimed at the craft beer/local brewery market and I'd like to run it past any interested local contacts to get their feedback.

Photos from theOakman's post 17/10/2021

Happy customer with a lipped edge chopping board


It's approaching that time of year - Advent /Countdown to Christmas starts on December 1st - we sold a lot of these last year - would you like one? we posted a photo of a different one each day of December - just £35 + postage


If you are in comfortable travelling distance of South Cheshire and you are thinking you or someone you know would like to know a bit more about getting into the world of cnc or CO2 lasers at a craft/small commercial level and think meeting someone who has some first hand experience of the journey and even experiencing making something on one or the other then I'd like to help. I have one of each machine in a large garden workshop and would very much like to give others the opportunity to get into what I am doing - I have had several people round and it is now getting easier to meet people again. It's a big decision and it can be a bumpy journey but it's well worth it I think. Get in touch if you think I can help


Repeatability - one of the features of a cnc machine is its ability to reproduce exact copies of the same thing - I recently made 23 larger oak backing shields and 10 smaller inner shields for a client


You might like dinosaurs on your water bottle


Latest Friends + Family Travel Mug

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We managed to get it down our steep drive thanks to expertise in ropes and pulleys, through the gap where the side fence was (it needs to be replaced) and into the workshop - lots of alterations need to happen there as a result but very grateful for the help from my fire service contact Pete Shields and his wife Helen - Peter O'Brien is going to miss having it in his garage

Photos from theOakman's post 18/07/2021

It's coming home, it's coming home - the laser's coming home

Photos from theOakman's post 15/07/2021

We have started posting pictures of some of the travel/water mugs/bottles we've been making - these are unique one offs and that's all we are looking to do - it will be yours or your company's. Our initial price we are pitching at £18 plus postage with a get out if you ask for too much on the design side - the straw bottle comes in dark navy or yellow and we can get most colours in the other design. It's early days for us but we are getting quite a few enquiries even with limited marketing. There aren't too many wholesalers for these in the UK so we are still looking at our options. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you like what we are offering - Mark

Photos from theOakman's post 08/07/2021

Bugs and planes, trains and diggers - what might you like?

How adorable are my super choir members @theoakmancheshire and @lesleyalmagreen!? Thank you for this bright and useful personalised gift 🎁 I will be using this in our IN PERSON CHOIR REHEARSAL WOOHOO 😅! Next week xxx #thankyou #choir #MicWireUK #choirmembers #theoakmancheshire #lovemyjob #lovemytribe #singing #waterbottle #personalisedgifts #multitalentedsingers 07/07/2021

How adorable are my super choir members @theoakmancheshire and @lesleyalmagreen!? Thank you for this bright and useful personalised gift 🎁 I will be using this in our IN PERSON CHOIR REHEARSAL WOOHOO 😅! Next week ### #thankyou #choir #MicWireUK #choirmembers #theoakmancheshire #lovemyjob #lovemytribe #singing #waterbottle #personalisedgifts #multitalentedsingers

More love for our new range. MicWire founder, Kate.

How adorable are my super choir members @theoakmancheshire and @lesleyalmagreen!? Thank you for this bright and useful personalised gift 🎁 I will be using this in our IN PERSON CHOIR REHEARSAL WOOHOO 😅! Next week ### #thankyou #choir #MicWireUK #choirmembers #theoakmancheshire #lovemyjob #lovemytribe #singing #waterbottle #personalisedgifts #multitalentedsingers


A happy Grace modelling our new personalised water bottle /travel mug range.

When you pop round to pay @theoakmancheshire some money for a different project and he rewards you with your very own personalised water bottle.

Staying hydrated never looked so good!

Thank you!


We have got our laser not only working but producing some fantastic results - travel mug/water bottle fully personalised - more examples to follow

Photos from theOakman's post 18/06/2021

I work locally with retired fire officer Pete Shields who has been making retirement plaques for retiring fire officers for the past 25 years - he also gets asked to make special items - these were thankyous to two sisters running to raise money for the Firefighters Charity


1h • 1 hour ago

Garden Bars seem to be becoming ever more popular I have made both signs and coasters for people with a bar in the garden

Photos from theOakman's post 27/05/2021

Do you know any fishermen? - do they work in centimetres or inches? - this may be an ideal present - please let me have any feedback


We've got the HPC 6090 up and running and think that theOakman as a name doesn't really work - so has anyone got any inspirational ideas of what a small laser business could be called?

Photos from theOakman's post 29/04/2021

Many thanks to Peter O'Brien for an amazing job getting the HPC 6090 CO2 laser we bought as a doer upper working - still some things to do but it works


I talked about the challenge my father in law set me when he sent me a postcard of the Wi******er Round Table - he received his copy in the post on Saturday ******er


The Greenhalgh family crest for our line as per the facebook group Greenhalgh, the Name the Place the History where we got a mention

You need to like oak, be keen on re/upcycling and want a personalised item for a special occasion

We are making, using a computer controlled woodworking cnc machine, a range of personalised plaques/signs made from the tops of old gateleg oak tables bought from ebay.

If you want something a little bit out of the ordinary and very personal for the person(s) you are buying it for and they are celebrating a special occasion we are worth talking to as long as you or they fit the criteria set out in the title.

We have travelled a fairly steep, very frustrating learning curve and have recently emerged to be able to now produce the kind of things we have been looking to make.

Using a computer guided machine it makes me look like a master craftsman which was never going to happen as it would need to raise me from a more than capable DIYer to something I haven’t the years left to achieve.

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Dust shoe for i2r8



Bespoke items made from recycled oak



34, Salander Crescent
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